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About Us

Welcome to Student PSA, a new community of inspiring students that write, film and edit their own Public Service Announcement (PSA). These PSAs are about the issues that affect them and our society as a whole. Their ideas of identifying and addressing these personal & global issues offers positive solution messages to our most pressing problems.

How We Help

Student PSA is an enrichment program for students and teachers that offers an opportunity for educational and creative expression, by helping students develop critical thinking, self guided achievement, and personal growth.  It is a program that gives teachers the ability to reach beyond the curriculum by creating the opportunity to greater expand knowledge, insight, and awareness about the issues that are important to young people today.


Student PSA began in several schools in 2009 and is located in Los Angeles. It is a free of cost project-based teaching tool that can help teachers everywhere empower students to present a perspective, make a statement, and share a possible solution to a given topic. By asking students to create 30-60 second public service announcements about topics and issues of their concern, it opens up a whole array of curricular possibilities that enhances the learning experience for all students.


Student PSA is a video platform for students to share their creations to wider audiences. Through screenings in classrooms, school assemblies, and media outlets, the student- made PSAs are shared to help educate and inspire other students. It is a unique and innovative approach to help prepare students for informed and active community activism and caring for humanity, while fostering academic success.

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