This program demands a personal investment in the delivery of the message which instills the value of caring. The process of making a PSA feeds the development of socially responsible citizens and leaders.
Professor Amber Katherine – Santa Monica College

The voice of the youth on issues they care about needs to be “heard.” If more adults turned toward truly caring about children, and away from caring about money, materialism, and power, we would be living in a different world. One way to get there is to listen to young people, but they need a way to speak.
Madeleine Schwab – Crossroads School

Teens as Valued Members of Society

Student PSA is a unique and innovative approach to help prepare your son/daughter for social awareness, while fostering academic success.  Participation opens up a whole array of curricular and personal growth possibilities that enhances the overall learning experience. Known benefits include greater self-confidence, character development, creativity, and can even be added to the students’ repertoire of creative projects that are cited on college admissions applications and job resumes.  Student PSA is an excellent way to encourage your son/daughter to get involved, take a stand, and help make a difference in the world.

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