Teenagers are seldom enthused about “good deeds.” Managing to provoke their sense of obligation to others takes much thought and talent. This program offers a healthy approach to modern-day teen issues, and recognizes the need to awaken teens to issues they prefer to ignore.“
Nancy Goldberg – Culver City High School

Student PSA is a new innovative program with vast potential to affect change in our society. We envision this as a national program for all high school students along with television stations airing these PSAs. As we begin to launch our PSA Tour, we count on the support of members of the community, such as yourself, who will align themselves with our core principles of empowering youth. Please contact us for more information on becoming a sponsor.

The Student PSA program reaches out to schools and teachers to direct their students into participating in a creative, multimedia public service announcement activity that serves as an educational platform. Our pilot program has proved very successful in inspiring and engaging students to make their own PSAs about the issues that are important to them. The PSAs served as enrichment for existing programs and curricular subjects, while validating the voice of young people wanting to make a difference.

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