This program helps students make real-life connections to classroom curriculum, it bolsters critical thinking skills and ingenuity while spreading awareness about the problems and solutions to various social issues.
Benjamin Kay – Santa Monica High School

Since so much of present-day education is dedicated to academia, the more creative sides of the student psyche are, too often, left dormant. This program fosters character and compassion while cultivating those creative inclinations in students.
Nancy Goldberg – Culver City High School

The actual PSA has a certain appeal and might have an effect on people watching them, particularly knowing they were made by high school students.
Peter Exline – West Adams Preparatory High School

In the Classroom

PSAs are easily adaptable to multiple curriculums including language arts, health, global issues, film and social studies. They are excellent for enriching literature, fiction and non-fiction, and other thematic curriculums while accessing students’ multiple intelligences. It can easily combine with a rigorous approach to developing reading, writing, and research, by exploring a text, question or theme. Additionally, PSAs can enhance skills in storytelling, scripting, multimedia production, and technology, through self-guided achievement, collaboration, and critical thinking. The PSA program gives students the opportunity to craft a multidemensional work that serves as a valuable extension to any curricular topic. The PSAs could also serve as innovative community service projects.  Most importantly, the process of creating PSAs is intended to broaden students’ understanding, appreciation, and responsibility for the world they live in.

Your Students

The Student PSA Series ultimately gives students the opportunity to become a voice of reason within some of the most pressing problems faced by our young people today.  It is an enriching endeavor that will help add to your teaching while promoting personal growth, creativity, and confidence. Join this free-of-charge program today and begin to share in the many benefits it has to offer.

Most of the students who took part in your experiential program have been inspired to create; develop new ways of thinking; and become solution-focused problem solvers in oneway or the other. Your tools seem to be incredibly useful and beneficial as a way to develop a higher level of socializing for adolescents. I think they exercise their minds with peace in their hearts and logic in their spirits when you open up their minds in such a way.”
Rebekah Howard – Guidance Counselor, CCHS